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Homeopathic & Alternative Medicines

The world of alternative medicines includes a wide range of possibilities. For example, chiropractic, herbalism, and acupuncture all considered alternatives.

We are open minded to whatever a parent may want to explore. However, for patients who are interested, we are trained and certified in homeopathic medicines. As a group, we do not practice any others.


Understanding Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our understanding of homeopathy grew out of personal experience. Dr. Spomenka broke her wrist and suffered numbing, tingling nerve pain. No matter which narcotic or how much she took, the prescribed narcotics did not touch the pain she experienced.


Coincidently, that is when she started a homeopathic course. She tried Causticum and Arnica for her wrist. In less than a week, she found relief.

“I started sleeping again,” Dr. Spomenka said.


“Me, too,” Dr. Bruno laughed.


Trying it first within their own family, the doctors learned that the basics of homeopathy really work.


Unlike traditional antibiotics, homeopathic treatment cannot be overdosed or harm the patient. That is because the nature of homeopathy is using a highly-diluted amount of botanical, biological or mineral substances.


The worst-case scenario is that the treatment doesn’t work.


Some herbs can be found in homeopathic remedies, such as chamomile, for example. However, herbalism and homeopathy are complete opposite treatments. The main difference is that herbalism is highly concentrated, whereas homeopathy is highly diluted.


Offering homeopathy is only a portion of the medicine Dr. J. Pediatrics practices. We respect all of our patients’ beliefs and preferences. This is an option for patients and parents who are interested. All of the medical practitioners are classically trained in traditional medicine.


For patients who welcome homeopathy, both Dr. Spomenka and Nurse Practitioner Deirdre Casagrande are certified in homeopathic medicine.

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