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Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine, also known as allopathy, is the primary foundation of Dr. J. Pediatrics. These conventional practices use pharmaceutical treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association.


Every doctor, nurse practitioner and registered nurse at Dr. J. Pediatrics has been classically trained in traditional medicines at medical school and residencies.


The patient needs, the parents’ participation and our experience all contribute to the recommended treatment.




Dr. Spomenka has had special experience with sutures, particularly in cosmetic areas. Although she does not compare herself to a plastic surgeon, she has had great successes with the combination of her suturing techniques and homeopathic treatments.


Many children get banged up. Often, they don’t meet the requirements of needing a plastic surgeon, but may not want a life-long scar. Dr. Spomenka is able to achieve great results in the office setting.


Reducing this stress can be especially comforting to children.

Treating Dehydration

It is very common for a child to become dehydrated, especially if they have been vomiting. There are ways for parents to treat their kids at home in order to prevent this problem from occurring.


However, that is not always possible. Dehydration is a serious condition, and must be treated quickly.


In some cases, rather than sending children to a hospital emergency room setting, Dr. J. Pediatrics has the ability to provide IV hydration in the office setting.


First of all, we, at Dr. J. Pediatrics, have specialized care for children. We make the process as painless as possible for the child.


Secondly, this offers a more personalized care for both the child and the parents. Many times, all the child needs is a few hours of IV to be on the road to recovery. Many patients find that it is more comfortable for them to sit in a doctor’s office than in a hospital.


Of course, if a child needs to go to the hospital, we would always recommend they go to the hospital.


If the degree of dehydration is something that is appropriate to treat in the office, we offer that option.