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What Expecting Parents Should Know

Storing newborn cord blood:

Medical advancements are happening all the time. Storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood now can save his or her life in the future. To learn more, click here.



Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS):

It is very important to always place newborns on their backs to sleep in order to prevent SIDS. Use fitted sheets on a firm mattress. Avoid putting a newborn on a soft or fluffy pillow. Promote oxygen circulation by removing toys or pillows from the crib. Wrap blankets around the baby’s body no higher than its chest.


For other tips, click here.


Your trip to the hospital:

When you go to the hospital, tell the nurses, as well as your obstetrician, the name of your pediatrician. After the baby is born, either Dr. Bruno or Dr. Spomenka will come to either Provena St. Joseph or Silver Cross. We will examine the baby within the first 24 hours of age, and then daily until discharge from hospital.


In the hospital you will be offered to administer to your child the hepatitis B vaccine. You have the option to decline it and in most cases, we advise parents to wait. We provide the vaccine starting at two months as a combination with two other vaccines. This is not true of all cases, however. Please be sure to discuss with us in advance this issue so that you are prepared to address it while in the hospital.


If you have a boy, you will be asked about circumcision. This is a complicated issue. There is no one right answer for everyone. We will gladly discuss your questions any time. However, the procedure is performed by your obstetrician.